Another big day at the beach for the Oregon Dunes Triathlon and Duathlon! Congrats to everyone who raced. It is so nice to see all of you out there racing.

The following are results from the individual sprint and olympic distance triathlon events. I don’t believe we had anyone do the duathlon or relay this year. Maybe that is something we should consider for next year.

Name Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Overall
Ken Bronson 20:18 2:36 35:56 1:05 26:37 1:26:31.9
Bill Witt 17:08 2:34 39:19 0:44 28:33 1:28:17.9
Name Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Overall
Daniel Neighbor 28:34 3:58 1:26:32 2:03 56:19 2:57:25.6
Suzanne Middleton 34:11 2:10 1:32:09 1:06 58:04 3:07:40.5
Pat Ketcham 30:19 2:02 1:35:15 1:27 58:59 3:08:02.1
David Neighbor 40:45 4:38 1:56:46 2:19 1:09:55 3:54:22.9

Also, a big thank you again to those who helped our friends at Best in the West Events with setup and teardown.

I’ve uploaded a few images to photobucket if you’d like to see them, and I have plans to upload more soon. Here are a few.


Wow, I did not realize how many of our members were at the Corvallis Half this year. Quite a showing.

Name Time Pace
Nathan Smith 1:21:32 6:14
Susan Fox 1:37:24 7:27
Lachlan Pettigrew 1:39:51 7:38
Kara Smith 1:50:51 8:28
Sean McGuire 1:55:54 8:51
Kristen Lipscomb 1:59:00 9:05
Ryan Lipscomb 2:01:06 9:15
Pat Ketcham 2:04:29 9:31
David Neighbor 2:19:21 10:39
David Okain 2:20:53 10:46

Here are some photos from the event courtesy of I tried to find photos for everyone, but a few of you didn’t have any.


The 2015 triathlon season started out with a bang with the Beaver Freezer last weekend. Our club had a good showing again this year. Congrats to all who raced, and a huge thank you to those of you who were there throughout the day volunteering to help make the event a success.

Name Swim Swim-to-Bike Bike Bike-to-Run Run Overall
Bill Witt 10:27 2:39 37:36 1:36 23:50 1:16:10
David Pettigrew 10:12 2:49 37:42 -:– 24:24 1:15:09
Chuck Cox 9:15 2:25 39:01 1:53 26:20 1:18:56
Rachel Blair Winkler 9:06 2:30 42:40 2:07 24:16 1:20:41
Ken Bronson 12:01 3:23 39:25 1:54 24:51 1:21:36
Susie Bassett 10:05 1:54 41:55 2:32 25:55 1:22:24
Andy Mosbrucker 12:07 4:27 42:20 2:06 23:49 1:24:51
Linda ZumBrunnen 10:25 2:44 45:32 2:06 27:54 1:28:43

Here are a few pictures of our members on run course. I’ve uploaded these and more to photobucket if you’d like to see them.

I just found out that Sean McGuire was also at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside this year. I haven’t heard anything about his race yet, but I managed to snag his splits and some pictures.

Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Overall
32:44 8:00 3:06:18 6:44 2:11:53 6:05:39

The following images provided by FinisherPix.

Stephen Payne took on his second long course event at Ironman 70.3 Oceanside. It seems that he has worked those pesky nutrition issues that he had in the past, and his race report made it sound like it was a good time. Congrats Stephen!

Swim Swim-to-Bike Bike Bike-to-Run Run Overall
42:17 7:13 3:09:51 5:11 2:18:34 6:23:06

The following images provided by FinisherPix.

Corvallis Aquatic Team

The Corvallis Aquatic Team is hosting the Oregon Masters Swimming Championships this year at Osborn Aquatic Center. Both groups have provided volunteers and participants for our event, the Heart of the Valley Triathlon & Duathlon, so it seems fitting that we return the favor.

The event is happening April 10-12 which is a few weeks away. Sign up now to make sure it ends up on your calendar. This is important, so do not hesitate or procrastinate. Instructions to register for a volunteer position are as follows.

  1. Visit the invitation page on VolunteerSpot.
  2. Enter your email address. You do not need to register an account. Simply provide an e-mail address*
  3. Choose your spots. VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders.

VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact Sue Phillips via e-mail, and she can sign you up manually.

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