One of our sponsors, the Osborn Aquatic Center is putting on the Turkey Trot on Thursday, November 27th (Thanksgiving Day) and is looking for volunteers to help out with the event.

If you’re available to help out, either at packet pickup the day before or at the event on race day, your help would be greatly appreciated. Contact information for volunteers is available on the event website here.

As discussed at the meeting on Tuesday, we’re now hosting a group trail run every Sunday morning at 8am.

For the first few weeks we plan to meet at the Intensive Management Trailhead in the Peavy Arboretum. Eventually, we plan to move around to some of the other trails in the area.

We are aware that there are concerns about making group workouts accessible to everyone. The goal here is to get everyone outside and active rather than to go fast. Pacing is expected to be easy to moderate, and duration is expected to be about an hour. Both are subject to change based on who shows up and the needs of the group.

So if you are trying to find a way to keep active during the outseason or maybe just looking for a way to interact with other humans outside of home and work, a nice trail run with company might be the answer. Come join us!


We’re meeting a little early over at Peak Sports to get a quick overview of bike maintenance tips. Afterward, we’ll move over to Laughing Planet for some tasty burritos and discussion on the Heart of the Valley race we put on last month as well as some talk about our race seasons.

See you there.

Okay folks! This is the last regularly scheduled club meeting before the Heart of the Valley Sprint Triathlon. It is also the second meeting after the official start of race season, so there will lots of talk about races that we’ve done and will be doing soon. Rosco plans to do a brief discussion on power meters, and I’m sure there will be a few burritos taken down.

Hope to see you all there.

A few of us stayed in the valley and did the Lebanon Sprint Triathlon this weekend. Steve and Susie ran in the classic club kit and looked good doing it. Good job guys!

Stephen Payne 9:40 1:07 39:35 0:53 24:12 1:15:27
Susie Bassett 9:54 1:20 44:25 1:28 27:07 1:24:14


It looks like some of us had a bit of fun in the rain, and then the sun, at the Oregon Dunes Triathlon this weekend. We had a handful of members do the olympic distance, and one did the sprint. Pictures are posted on the Best in the West Events facebook page

Name Swim Swim-to-Bike Bike Bike-to-Run Run Overall
Rosco Huebner 26:41 2:24 1:24:59 0:57 48:13 2:43:13
Suzanne Middleton 30:38 2:30 1:29:14 1:15 59:32 3:03:07
Pat Ketcham 28:12 3:02 1:35:26 1:21 1:00:30 3:08:30
David Neighbor 37:41 8:10 2:06:07 3:16 1:14:24 4:09:36
Name Swim Swim-to-Bike Bike Bike-to-Run Run Overall
Ken Bronson 19:55 1:24 34:44 0:40 27:28 1:24:09

I hope I didn’t miss anyone this time. If you raced at the event and I didn’t see you, please let me know so I can mention you.

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